Turkish Localization for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

With the Navapp Turkish Localization, you can manage your financial processes in a way compatible with the Tax Procedure Law (TPL - VUK) in Turkey.

With the Navapp Turkish Localization, you can define withholding rates, and include them into Sales and Purchase document as well as General Journals and then post withholdings to General Ledger compatible with the legislations.

You can define Current, Advance and Deduction accounts over a single posting group and manage accounting processes without multiplying Customer and Vendor cards.

You can reverse the documents posted from Purchase, Sales and Service, and prevent the ledger entries of the reversed documents from being included in the Trial Balance and Subledger reports.

You can define receivable and payable checks and promissory notes, and follow their due dates, manage the accounting connections of each check/promissory note through portfolios, and manage long and short-term accounting processes.

You can define finance cards for credits, leasing and assets, follow your payment terms for each card, make long/short term integrations and manage accounting processes.

You can manage multiple discount processes for each line in purchase and sales quote, order and invoice documents.

You can get reports of Ledger, Subsidiary Ledger, G/L Trial Balances, G/L Voucher, BA-BS, VAT Declaration Control, Income Tax Declaration Control and Balance Sheet and Income Statement in a way compatible with the Tax Procedure Law (TPL - VUK) in Turkey.

Exchange Rates published through the Central Bank of the Turkish Republic is automatically downloaded into the system so you can avoid the manual entry of the rates.

Long-Short term integration is automatically applied according to due dates on the records which comes from Turkish legislations such as Credits, Leasing, Letters of Credit, Check/Promissory Note, Deposits. You can make balances in the accounts such as 180, 280, 380, 480 transfer to income/expense accounts automatically at the end of the accounting period.

Supported Editions:

This extension supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries:

All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.

Supported Languages:

The app is available in Turkish and English (United States).

Support & Contact

For more information and pricing please contact the partner.